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How to help....

PRAY!  Pray for safe travels, good health, and the energy to provide care for every person who comes to Pothawira.


GIVE!  Your funds will provide basic medical and school supplies for Pothawira.  You can also give toward the CTG students' trip costs.  Each trip costs approximately $3500 per person.


JOIN!  Join a CTG team!  Be stretched.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Provide compassionate care for people who would otherwise never have access to care. 


Pothawira 2014 & 2015

In 2014 I had the awesome privilege of serving at Pothawira in Salima, Malawi, with a team of medical providers and students from the University of Kansas.  The purpose of the trip was to expose the students to and provide the patients at Pothawira integrative health care.  I was the first chiropractor to serve in this region of Malawi and since I left, there has been no one to provide care for the thousands of people who desperately need it. In 2015, I was privileged to return to Pothawira twice to provide chiropractic care for people who would otherwise not have any. Join with Called To Go and support chiropractic missions in Malawi however you can!

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